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Barcelona Horror Stories  


the capital of Catalonia, is known for its stunning architecture, bustling streets, and lively culture. However, beneath its vibrant exterior lies a dark history of horror and terror. From haunted buildings to cursed landmarks, Barcelona has its fair share of spine-tingling stories that have been passed down from generation to generation. These tales of the macabre have captured the imaginations of locals and visitors alike, and are a testament to the city's mysterious past. at nightmare museum, we will delve into the world of Barcelona's horror stories, exploring the legends and myths that have shaped the city's folklore and left a lasting impression on its people.

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The following legend recounts the tale of a young woman who died on her wedding day.

The bride’s funeral took place in the Basilica of Santa Maria del Mar and her family decided to bury her dressed in her wedding dress and best jewellery. When the ceremony was over, family and friends returned to their homes, leaving the coffin in the empty church overnight.

Later that night, two thieves broke into the church to steal the young bride’s jewels. Their plans were thwarted when they hurriedly ripped the earrings from her ears, tearing the lobes right off. The dead bride let out a scream, causing the thieves to panic and flee the crime scene. Revived by the pain, she returned home where, believing she was a ghost, her terrified family refused to let her in.

Fortunately, the girl’s fiancée realised that she was alive and called a doctor who concluded that she had suffered a case of cataplexy. Despite the doctor’s diagnosis, superstitious neighbours were convinced that the dead bride had been resurrected during the night.

santa maria del mar bride.png

The Bride Mystery Of Santa Maria Del Mar 

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Three eye dog DIP barcelona-0.png

The Dip is a mythical creature from Catalan folklore, said to be a terrifying black dog with glowing red eyes. According to legend, the Dip was once a normal dog, but was cursed by a witch for being unfaithful to his master.

After being cursed, the Dip became a ferocious beast, stalking the countryside at night and attacking anyone who crossed its path. Its fearsome appearance and vicious nature made it a feared and respected figure in Catalan mythology.

Many stories have been told about the Dip over the years, with some claiming that it can be summoned by invoking its name three times in a row. Others say that it can be appeased by leaving out offerings of food or other gifts.

In recent years, the legend of the Dip has gained renewed interest and popularity, with the creature appearing in books, movies, and other works of fiction. Its fearsome appearance and terrifying nature continue to capture the imaginations of people around the world, making it one of the most enduring figures in Catalan folklore.


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The Female vampire from Raval

Enriqueta Martí i Ripollés (868[-1913

she  was a Spanish child serial killer, kidnapper, prostitute and procuress of children. She was called "The Vampire of carrer Ponent", "The Vampire of Barcelona" and "The Vampire of the Raval" in the press.[3]

Some researchers have, however, asserted that she was not a killer of children, but rather a person with mental disorders who can only be proven reliably to have abducted one young girl, Teresita Guitart. They also contend that the black legend that is attributed to her could not be demonstrated

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The covered stone bridge which spans Carrer del Bisbe is one of the most photographed sights in Barcelona’s Gothic Quarter.

The bridge is much newer than the adjoining buildings and was built in 1929 by Rubió I Bellver, who planned to beautify the area surrounding Barcelona Cathedral by tearing down all non-Gothic buildings.

Even though it is less than a century old, the elaborate Gothic style bridge is associated with several legends and superstitions, all of which are connected to the gruesome skull and dagger motif on its underside.

Some say that the skull was the architect’s way of expressing his displeasure after his plan was rejected. Others have even suggested that, rather than being a stone carving, it is, in fact, a real human skull!

Another legend says that if the dagger that traverses the skull is ever removed, Barcelona will be destroyed.

On a more positive note. Another legend states that if you make a wish while walking backwards under the bridge and looking directly at the skull, then your wish will come true.

The Skull Underneath El Pont Del Bisbe

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The Castle of Montjuïc is a historic fortress that sits atop a hill overlooking the city of Barcelona, Spain. While it is a popular tourist destination, the castle also has a dark history and is rumored to be haunted by spirits of the past.

Over the years, there have been several horror stories associated with the Castle of Montjuïc. One of the most famous legends tells of a group of soldiers who were stationed at the castle during the Spanish Civil War in the late 1930s. The soldiers reportedly used the castle's basement as a torture chamber for prisoners, and it is said that the screams of the victims can still be heard echoing through the halls to this day.

Another eerie tale involves a ghostly apparition of a woman who is said to haunt the castle's gardens. According to the legend, the woman was a maid who worked at the castle in the 19th century. She fell in love with a soldier stationed at the fortress, but their relationship was forbidden. When the soldier was ordered to leave, the maid was heartbroken and threw herself off the castle's walls. Her ghost is said to appear on moonlit nights, wandering through the gardens and weeping for her lost love.

There have also been reports of strange occurrences inside the castle's walls. Visitors have reported feeling sudden drops in temperature, hearing disembodied voices, and experiencing unexplained sensations of being watched. Some have even claimed to have seen ghostly apparitions and shadowy figures lurking in the castle's dark corners.

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The Castle Of Montjuic 

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The Nose Man (L’Home dels Nassos) is a mythical figure from Catalan folklore with as many noses as there are days left in the year. On the first of January, he has 365 noses which he then loses, one per day, as the year advances.

During most of the year, the nose man hides away and only comes out on the 31st of December.

On the morning of New Year’s Eve, parents tell their children to be on the lookout for a man with as many noses as there are days left in the year. The idea being that their excited youngsters will expect to see a man with hundreds of noses.

The game is a play on words based on the fact that there’s only one day left in the year, and any passer-by could potentially be The Nose Man.

In Barcelona, on December 31st, L’Home dels Nassos and his entourage appear in locations throughout the city.

The Nose Man

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As per the legend, these females are not endowed with immortality, but they possess the ability to live for thousands of years while maintaining their youthful appearance.

It is believed that the bodies of water in which the dones d'aigua bathe can become fiercely agitated when a foreigner enters them. In Majorca, Maria Enganxa is the most renowned water-woman. As per the custom, she inhabits all wells and cisterns, and with her hook, she seizes every child that happens to pass near them.

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banyoles barcelona .png

Legend has it that the Banyoles monster, which lived in Banyoles Lake in Girona, northeastern Spain, for hundreds of years, was transformed into a peaceful herbivore by a French monk named St. Emeterio in the eighth century. Although it is believed that the creature still resides in the depths of the lake to this day.

Banyoles monster

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